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my biggest fear is I’m married & my husband says, “let’s cut sugar out of our diet” so I have to leave with the kids in the middle of the night

just.. why ??  щ(ಠ益ಠщ)
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✱ Why is he always so sleepy?!
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block b on fashion king

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jongup  -.-

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sometimes people reply to my posts and i dont know how to respond so i dont respond but then i feel like by not responding i made them feel like im ignoring them when im not and then i just weep into my keyboard

#same with ask messages so I just randomly type something and give up


…Lonely lonely lonely lonely boy

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Epik High, Burj Khalifa ft Yankie and GAEKO

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VIXX - ERROR dance practice


ziahcoe asked: see? you get my point! i bet he did it on purpose, so he could pose beside the products and show us that he'll always have a lot more swag~ than anybody. this kid... xD

Yeah, lmao I would love to see how they came up with the scene 

Yoongi Swag~

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